Study on wind turbine by papercraft

Study on wind turbine by papercraft


  • Advantages of wind turbines
  • Various kinds of wind turbines
  • Papercraft method of wind turbines

Background of wind turbines

Wind power is sustainable and renewable energy, therefore wind turbines are increased in worldwide.

Especially, Japan is poor in natural resources and effective wind turbines are required.

Wind turbines consists of two axis types.

There are Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine(HAWT) and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(VAWT).

Basically, HAWT is suitable for large wind power such as wind farms and VAWT is suitable for small wind power.

All wind turbines has simple and beautiful design.

The following book described how to assemble beautiful wind turbines by papercraft.


Please use below button and open the zip file.

Paper craft kits can be printed by a printer.

Windmill models

In this article, 4 type of papercraft to study wind turbine are introduced.

Propeller-type windmill

Tower mill

Savonius wind turbine

Cross-flow windmill

Windmill bases

Wind turbines bases are shown below.

HAWT(Horizontal axis wind turbine) base

VAWT(Vertical axis wind turbine) base

Generator base

How to assemble is written in the book.
You can share the wind tubine created in this book on SNS such as twitter, Instagram and other.


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